I am interested in several aspects related to transients, including gravitational-wave events, supernovae, supernovae precursors, rare transients, and fast radio bursts. We are working on the characterization of such events with the goal of better understanding their nature.

The Solar System

Characterization of small bodies in the Solar System, and primordial bodies in the outer Solar System is important to our understanding of the formation and evolution of planetary systems. We are conducting several novel searches for Trans Neptunian Objects and binary asteroids.

Techniques and algorithms

We are developing algorithms for signal processing in astronomy. Currently, we are attempting to improve the performances of ground-based astrometric and photometric measurements. Furthermore, we are working on methodologies for identifying lensed quasars and measuring their time delays in order to make them into efficient cosmological probes.


My group is designing and building cutting-edge astronomical instruments, including survey telescopes, and spectrographs. Our main goal is to characterize the transient and variable sky on subsecond to years time scales.