I am interested in several aspects related to transients.

  • Using the electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational-wave events to study the physics of NS mergers and the production of the heaviest elements. To support this study, we are building the infrastructure (W-FAST, LAST, ULTRASAT, DeepSpec) to efficiently detect and followup the optical counterparts of gravitational wave events. In addition, with some of the theory group in Weizmann (E. Waxman and D. Kushnir) we are collecting observations in order to robustly constrain the physics of NS merger events.
  • Using the ZTF (and previously PTF) we are searching for rare transients and study their mechanism.
  • My group conducted the first blind searches for outbursts from supernova progenitors prior to the supernova explosion (so-called precursors), showing that precursors prior to Type IIn supernovae are common.
  • Fast Radio Bursts are mysterious 1-ms duration extra-galactic radio signal which nature is yet unknown. Our goal is to understand the origin of these events.


The bolometric light curve of GW170817 (Waxman et al. 2018) along with the late time IR and visible light observations (Kasliwal et al. 2018, Lamb et al. 2019) and the predicted long-term evolution of the event (for details see: Waxman, Ofek & Kushinir 2019).

The light curve of PTF10tel, a Type IIn supernova, with a precursor (outburst) about one month prior to the supernova explosion.

Such precursors are common among Type IIn supernovae. The nature of these precursors is unknown.