Techniques and algorithms

We are developing algorithms for signal processing in astronomy. Currently, we are attempting to improve the performances of ground-based astrometric and photometric measurements. Furthermore, we are working on methodologies for identifying lensed quasars and measuring their time delays in order to make them into efficient cosmological probes.

Past highlights include:

Image illustrating the point-spread functions (PSF) of properly added images. The four left columns: individual simulated PSFs. Second from the right: regular equal weight coaddition. Right: the PSF of the proper coaddition image. On top: Gaussian PSFs. Middle: PSFs are elliptical Gaussians with various orientations. Bottom: simulated speckle PSFs, 20 images were coadded, but only 4 of the original images are displayed. Coadded images in the same row are displayed with the same color map (see Zackay & Ofek 2017b for details).