The Weizmann Fast Astronomical Survey Telescope (W-FAST)

The Weizmann Fast Astronomical Survey Telescope (FAST; PI: Eran Ofek) is a 55-cm Schmidt telescope. The telescope is located in Mizpe-Ramon, Israel.

The telescope is part of the Weizmann Astronomical Observatories.

The Telescopes were designed and built in the Weizmann Institute. The telescope design provides a 23 deg2 corrected field of view on a 9x9 cm in the focal plane. Our first-generation camera has a 7 deg2 field of view and is capable of taking 100 images per second with low read noise.

The telescope is exploring the night sky on sub-second time scales. Among the main science goals are the detection and characterization of small trans-Neptunian objects, and the study of fast stellar variability.

Aperture 55 cm
Focal length 108 cm
Focal ratio


Location Mizpe-Ramon, Israel
1st gen camera FOV 7 deg2
Pixel scale 2.3"
Road noise 1.5 e-


Left: The W-FAST telescope and dome in Mizpe-Ramon. The red surface is due to the reflection of the W-FAST blue filter in the primary mirror.

Left: The W-FAST I telescope.

Bottom: The W-FAST dome.

Left: The W-FAST I telescope during first vertical light tests in the Weimann Institute.

Bottom: Ofir Hershko connecting the W-FAST telescope to its mount.

Left: Eran Ofek inspecting the W-FAST primary mirror in its cage. 

Bottom: The Weimzann and Wise observatory team installing the W-FAST I dome in Mizpe-Ramon.