Earthquake scenario

The Institute Security Center will send updates to all Institute residents who are signed up for the service via WhatsApp. Please contact the Head of the housing branch or the campus service center at 9106 to join the list.

The following binding guidelines are provided by the National Emergency Portal.

Video - Guideline that will protect you in the event of an earthquake »


If you are inside a building and feel the floor moving, move quickly to a safe place, prioritized as follows:

  1. Open area: if you can leave the building quickly, go outside to an open area (mostly relevant for those in a single-story building or when located on the ground floor).
  2. If you cannot quickly exit the building, enter the MAMAD. Leave the MAMAD door open.
  3. If you cannot quickly exit the building and there is no MAMAD – go to the stairwell. If possible, descend the stairs and exit the building.
  4. Only if you cannot exit the building, take shelter under a heavy piece of furniture or sit on the floor next to an interior wall.

Additional guidelines:

  • Before leaving the building, disconnect the main gas and electricity switches.
  • On your way to the safe space, keep away from exterior walls of the building, windows and shelves.
  • Do not use the elevator during and after an earthquake - it could get stuck.
  • If you are in a wheelchair, after you have reached the safe space, lock the wheels and protect your head.


If you feel an earthquake when you are outside a building, stay in an open area and keep away from buildings, bridges and electricity poles.