Location of Public Shelters and Protected Spaces

Public shelters on Weizmann Institute map

There are 11 public shelters and 6 protected spaces at the Weizmann Institute:


  1. Wolfson Residences – Shelter 22 – Located in the center of the lawn bordering on one side of the residences’ buildings and the other side on Ziv Blvd.
  2. Neve Matz Residences – Shelter 24 – Located on the entrance road to Neveh Matz, inside the parking lot on the right-hand side
  3. Neve Matz Residences – Shelter 21 – Located in the center of the Neveh Matz neighborhood on the lawn
  4. Wix Residences – Shelter 23 – Located at the entrance to the Pinsker Gate pedestrian pathway
  5. Brazil Residences – Protected Space – Located on the corner of the entrance road to the neighborhood
  6. Shein Residences – Shelter 26 – Located on the entrance road to the residences, ~50 meters from the intersection of the entrance and Ziv Blvd.
  7. Shein Residences – Shelter 27 – Located behind the Shein Residences on the lawn near Ziv Blvd.
  8. Lunenfeld House (Beit Lunenfeld) Residences – Shelter 25 – Locate to the right of the entrance stairs from the parking lot
  9. Europe House (Beit Europa) Residences – Shelter 28 – Located at the entrance to Europe House near the road that separates Europe House from Lunenfeld House
  10. Kipnes Residences – Protected Space – Located in the corner of the parking lot
  11. Levin – Shelter 10 – Located behind the Levine building near the pedestrian pathway
  12. Goldschleger – Shelter 11 & Shelter 11 A – Located below the Goldschleger Library
  13. Recreation Center (Weisgal - Gym) – Protected Space – Located in the Recreation Center next to the gym
  14. Youth Village – Protected Space – Located behind the Youth Village near the Institute's fence
  15. Weitz - Weizmann Kindergarten – Protected Space – Located at the end of the kindergarten parking lot
  16. Main Gate – Protected Space – Located in the parking lot for the security vehicles