Working at the crossroads of science, engineering and medicine, we collaborate with the medical community to advance signal processing and AI innovations in healthcare and medical diagnosis – for the welfare of patients worldwide

Our mission is to harness the innovative technologies developed at SAMPL lab together with cutting edge AI and deep learning methods to improve medical diagnosis.

Using innovative signal acquisition, processing and machine learning tools, we wish to enhance early detection of diseases, reduce diagnostic errors, support physicians in their decision-making, and create accessible imaging devices with improved quality.

We provide an infrastructure for close collaboration between scientists and clinicians to identify and address urgent health challenges, thus bringing the bench to the bedside and back. We host a clinical forum on medical imaging with leading physicians from hospitals throughout the country, conduct various clinical studies in collaboration with hospitals in Israel and abroad, and provide mentoring to resident physicians at their basic science research.

We are working at the crossroads of science, engineering and medicine - for the welfare of patients worldwide!