General safety principles

  1. While working with chemicals wear long closed lab coat made of 100% cotton knit cuff sleeves and snap bag buttons, liquid repellent closed shoes (not made of fabric), long paints, safety glasses and gloves.
  2. Avoid tasting or smelling chemicals.
  3. Before working with any chemical:
    1. Carefully read the label on the bottle.
    2. Go over the safety sheet (MSDS) to know associated risks.
    3. Determine potential hazards and use appropriate safety precautions before beginning any new procedure.
  4. Pay attention to unsafe environment and warn in order to act quickly.
  5. Use equipment and chemicals only for their intended purpose.
  6. Check equipment before using it: look for cracks, leaks, malfunctions of the hood or personal safety equipment etc.
  7. Be familiar with the location of emergency equipment: fire extinguisher, emergency eyewash/shower stations and emergency masks. Know the appropriate emergency response procedures.
  8. Avoid any distraction when handling chemicals.