Safety measures in a chemical laboratory

Signs and Information

In each laboratory, warning signs and labels should be affixed to warn employees of hazardous materials, to draw their attention to possible risks and instruct them to use protective measures. Allow employees to identify hazardous chemicals in use, storage areas, safety measures, emergency equipment and emergency exits. Warning signs are provided by the safety unit.

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

Material safety data sheet includes all information related to the properties of the material, including safety & health risks during routine work and emergency. The MSDS can be obtained from the supplier and must be up to date (up to two years back). You can compare safety sheets from different suppliers and consult with the safety unit team anytime.

Please read the MSDS before purchasing the material to ensure you understand how to use and store it.

Chemical storage

It is mandatory to store chemical substances in accordance with their properties and compatibility, see paragraphs 7, 10 of the MSDS.

Storage areas, drawers and cabinets must be signed based on risk groups. 

Hazardous materials such as explosive, flammable & water reactive reagents should be stored and handled with utmost care.

You can address any question to the safety unit.