Chemical Hood Guidelines

  1. Conduct all operations that involve hazardous chemicals inside the hood unless approved in written by the safety unit.
  2. Before using the hood, make sure that the green light is on, and that the sticker indicating the hood checkup date is valid.
  3. Keep the hood sash low as much as possible while working and close it at the end of the work.
  4. Make sure there are no extra chemicals that may endanger work in the hood or complicate the situation in case of a spill. 
  5. Keep all chemicals and beakers in use 15-20 cm inside the hood. Do not place equipment along the suction area.
  6. Do not store in the hood chemicals or equipment that are not in use.
  7. In case of malfunction in the hood close immediately all opened containers in the hood, close the sush as low as you can, press the emergency button and evacuate the lab. Immediately report your supervisor and the service center at 08-934-9106.