Handling chemical spill

The required equipment to handle chemical spill:

  • Safety face shield
  • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Chemical plastic bags
  • Vermiculite absorbing agent (containers are available in every corridor)
  • Dustpan and broom
  • Shoe covers 

Liquid chemical spills greater than 1 liter in volume require assistance from trained personnel from Safety unit. Call 08-934-2999 (the service Center) for professional assistance.

If the spill is less than 1 liter and the chemical involved is of low toxicity and a low flammable hazard, handle it in the following manner:

  • Inform the emergency center (08-934-2999).
  • prepare the spill equipment.
  • Choose the proper protective equipment, always wear gloves and safety face shield.
  • Confine the spill. Cover liquid spill with Vermiculite absorbent from the periphery to the center of the spill. Wait few minutes for full absorbent and scoop into an appropriate disposal container.
  • If the spill contains sharps collect it into dedicated “sharps container”
  • Label the waste with a sticker (you may find the correct sticker using Weizmann Net application or the safety unit web site under “chemical sticker”
  • If possible, two people should collect the spill.

HF Spill

Only safety unit personnel will treat HF acid spills in any amount, using special absorbent such as “Chemizorb HF”, instead of “Vermiculite” which contains silica that reacts with this acid and create hazardous situations.

Call 08-934-2999 and report accurate details.

Mercury Spills

You should call service center at 08-934-2999 to report. The safety unit will arrive to handle the spill.

In case the mercury is contained (for example in a broken thermometer), wear gloves,  

place the thermometer in a suitable plastic container. Call 08-934-9106 to coordinate pickup by visibility and environment branch.