ULTRASAT Publications

  • "Sensor characterization for the ULTRASAT space telescope"
    Bastian-Querner et al. 2021
  • "Design of the ULTRASAT UV camera"
    Asif et al. 2021
  • "Exploring the efficacy and limitations of shock-cooling models: new "analysis of Type II supernovae observed by the Kepler mission"
    Rubin & Gal-Yam, 2017
  • "UV/Optical emission from the expanding envelopes of type II supernovae"
    Sapir & Waxman, 2016
  • "The detection rate of early UV emission from supernovae: A dedicated GALEX/PTF survey and calibrated theoretical estimates"
    Ganot et al, 2016
  • "Science with a wide-field UV transient explorer"
    Sagiv et al, 2014