Department of Molecular Genetics

Faculty Members

Arama Eli
Apoptotic mechanisms in Drosophila
Antebi Yaron
Cellular communication and information processing
Barkai Naama
Apoptotic mechanisms in circuits
Elson Ari
Protein phosphatases in cell signaling
Gerst Jeffrey
mRNA and protein trafficking
Groner Yoram
Transcriptional regulation in development
Hanna (Jacob) Yaqub
Pluripotent Stem Cells and Epigenetic
Hornstein Eran
miRNA in development and disease
Kahana Chaim
Polyamines in cellular proliferation
Kimchi Adi
Biology and systems view of cell death
Kolodkin-Gal Ilana
Biochemistry of the assembly and disassembly
of bacterial communities
Lancet Doron
Human genome variation and evolution
Pietrokovski Shmuel
Protein evolution and activity
Pilpel Yitzhak
Systems level analyses of gene expression
Reiner Orly
Neuronal migration regulation
Rubinstein Menachem
ER stress, cancer and immunoregulation
Schwartz Schragi
Cracking the epitranscriptome<
Schuldiner Maya
Understanding ER functions
Shaul Yosef
Cell-virus molecular dialogues
Shilo Ben-Zion
Cell communication during fly development
Sorek Rotem
Computational microbial genomics
Stern-Ginossar Noam
Profiling Viral Infections
Volk Talila
Cell communication during tissue formation
Zelzer Elazar
Skeleton development

Professor Emeritus

Michel Revel
Ernest Winocour

Deceased faculty members

  • Al Kaye
  • Peter Lonai
  • Yossi Aloni
  • Leo Sachs