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Obituary for Dan Tawfik

Obituary for Dan Tawfik by Eshhar and Tova Waks

In memory of Dany,

Dany joined Prof. Eshhar's lab in the nineties. He was an M.Sc student that very quickly became a Ph.D. student. At that time, there were a lot of students in the lab and the atmosphere was one of creativity and wonderful social bonds. Dany stood out in this crowd with his quiet, sophisticated, and calm ways, he set the scene.

Years past and Dany excelled in science and would occasionally contact us. When he did, things were as if no time had passed. When Zelig won the Israel Prize Dany celebrated with us. In February this year, Zelig turned 80 and we held a big zoom party in which Dany joined all the other students of past years and congratulated him. Zelig was very excited to see and talk to him. It is thanks to Dany that we reconnected with another student Cinthia who was both Zelig's and Dany's student.

Dany's passing is a great loss to us all. On behalf of the entire Zelig team, I would like to offer our condolences to the family.

May he rest in peace.