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Obituary for Dan Tawfik

Obituary for Dan Tawfik by Ron Milo

"There was a clear pattern of evolution in the interaction with Danny. It started with him being a smart scientist to consult and evolved to him being a close friend. It was also clear how he kept evolving as a person all the time as if he was trying to climb a fitness landscape.

Danny was a generous scientist and person in myriad ways. In spite of his super busy schedule, he volunteered for many years in Lod to help Arab teenagers master chemistry. They are here with us here today, a testament to the strong feelings they have for Danny and Weizmann

Danny had a gift to be honest and funny. In trying to mimic him, I would say he would want to be commemorated on campus by having the management open a hummus place on campus, it should serve hummus from Ramla and could be called Danny’s or by his middle name, Salah.


Danny was a teacher for many of us. I think the last lesson he left us is to keep evolving, to be generous and to be honest. May he rest in peace."