Origin of HomoChirality

The transition of non-chiral chemistry to homochiral biology is still regarded as a most remarkable hallmark in Nature. We have demonstrated the feasibility of stochastic “mirror-symmetry breaking” by the design of appropriate experiments in 2-D and 3-D crystalline architectures. This methodology was applied in the following processes:

‘Tailor-Made’ Auxiliaries for Crystallization

The ability to control the shape of crystals is of topical importance in the physical and material sciences. A new method, based on the stereochemical correlation, between the different faces of the growing crystals, and the solvent was elaborated. The method comprises the modification of the solvent by the addition of appropriate “tailor-made” dopants.

Ice Nucleation

ce crystals melts at 0˚C at atmospheric conditions. However, water can be cooled below -40˚C without freezing. The ability to control the icing temperature of ice is of prime importance in the environmental sciences, for example for the glaciation of warm clouds for rain precipitation, in biology for the survival of cold-blooded animals in polar climates, in medicine for the preservation of tissues in transplantation, to mention but a few.