‘Tailor-Made’ Auxiliaries for Crystallization

Crystal morphology engineering with “Tailor- Made” auxiliaries:

The ability to control the shape of crystals is of topical importance in the physical and material sciences. A new method, based on the stereochemical correlation, between the different faces of the growing crystals, and the solvent was elaborated. The method comprises the modification of the solvent by the addition of appropriate “tailor-made” dopants. This method was applied in the following processes (in collaboration with L. Leiserowitz):

(i) A new method for the control of crystal morphology.

(ii) Determination of the absolute configuration of chiral molecules from crystal morphologies.

(iii) Resolution of enantiomers with “tailor made” auxiliaries.

(iv) Control of crystal polymorphism.


(v) Reduction of symmetry of mixed crystals, which allowed the conversion of pure centrosymmetric crystals into doped polar crystals. The doped crystals are currently applied for the investigation pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties of crystals. (in collaboration with ILubomirsky and D. Ehre.)