Tafnit is an advanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that manages financial and administrative activities in an organization.
Its many modules include: finance, budget management, acquisitions, construction and other essential organizational services such as research and foreign travel.

Attention users 

Tafnit is backed up every night between 23:45 - 02:45, and the system is not available during these hours.


  1. It is the group administrator's responsibility to inform Human Resources about the arrival of a new employee/student, to ensure his or her being entered into the HR database.
  2. Once the new employee has been registered with HR, the administrator must define a user ID for that employee via Internal Services, as well as a universal password.
  3. The administrator/department secretary will forward the Request for Permission form to the the Finance division, which will then define the appropriate menus for the new user, including all the functions needed to execute specific tasks in the system.

Request for Permission Form (in Hebrew)

Installation Instructions 

All Weizmann Computers come with Tafnit already installed.  
If you do not have it on your computer you can install it yourself in the following link \\wisfiler.weizmann.ac.il\collaboration\Software\etafnit.

Instructions for Use 

Windows Users

If login fails, contact the HelpDesk (4444).

If login is followed by the error message "There is no menu", contact Eti Dror (at extension 6457) from the Finance division.

You can also work remotely (using VPN) on Tafnit via Citrix Workspace.

Macintosh Users

If the login fails, contact the Apple & Macintosh group.

Linux Users

  • Connect via CITRIX.
  • Enter your user ID and password to log into Tafnit​.

If the login fails, contact the HelpDesk (4444).

Contact Information