The CTERA backup service is at your disposal, to provide a comprehensive solution for file backup and recovery on Institute user workstations.

CTERA operates in a client/server configuration, and requires installation of client software on end-user workstations.

CTERA software then enables users to select files and folders to be backed up to a dedicated server, so as to prevent any potential data loss.

Once the program is installed, backups run in the background regularly, as per a predefined schedule that can be modified at any time.

All data stored on the dedicated server is automatically backed up.


The CTERA service's key features include:

  • Files and folders automatically copied via installed backup software.
  • Versioning support, with multiple versions of data continuously backed up.
  • High data security.
  • Flexible backup scheduling.
  • Reporting and alerting.
  • High data availability for file retrieval and recovery.
  • Close Weizmann IT management and control.


To use CTERA backup, your administrator (or other budget-authorizing personnel) must register you to the service via Internal Services.

A CTERA user account will be set up for you following registration.

Target Users 

The service supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

Installation Instructions 

For assistance with installation of the CTERA software, feel free to review the CTERA user guide, open a support ticket via the IT ServiceDesk, call the ServiceDesk at extension 4444, or contact your faculty IT administrator.