Our Computing Center Macintosh team places at your disposal a number of methods to back up important information on Your Macintosh computer. These include:

  • Simple file copy - manual copying of files from your Macintosh to a server (see further details on the High Capacity Storage backup solution below).
  • Apple Time Machine for backup utilizing a dedicated, external hard drive.
  • ChronoSync for automated server backup.

The High Capacity Storage server backup solution is required to manually back up your files to a server.

This solution allows you to select the specific files and folders you wish to back up, then simply drag and drop them to perform manual backup to remote servers.

Instructions for Use 

To perform manual server backup, you will first need to establish and connect to the High Capacity Storage backup folder, as follows:

  1. Access http://uinfo.weizmann.ac.il on your Internet browser.
  2. Click Login in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Enter your user ID and password on the screen that appears, and click Login.
  4. Enter your user ID in the Find People field, then click Search.
  5. Locate the Novell High Capacity Storage location line. It should resemble the following:

    Novell LCS location: WIS-FS50_D50.Weizmann:\user ID

    WIS-FS50 = your backup server name.
    D50 = your volume (disk) name.
    User ID = your Weizmann user ID.
  6. Close the browser.
  7. In the Macintosh Finder, click the Connect to Server command on the Go menu.
  8. Type the server name found in the Novell High Capacity Storage location line (see step 5 above) as per the WIS-FS50 format and click Connect.
  9. Enter your user ID and password when requested to do so, and click Connect.


A folder providing access to your server-based High Capacity Storage backup folder will appear on your desktop

Please refer to High Capacity Storage for further information.

Important note: a Novell account is required to back up files to a file server. To verify your user ID and password for an existing account, or to set up a new one, please contact your departmental administrator.