The computing expense table presented on this page lists prices for services offered, as of the 1st of November, 2018.

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Computing Expenses Table

Service Billing Frequency Billing Method Price in NIS as of 01-11-2018
communication point2
Monthly Per point 44.00
New communication port One time Per installation 44.00
Secure wireless access Monthly Per certificate 27.00
Remote access - SecurID Monthly Per user 24.00
communication point3
Monthly Per point 8.00
Electronic mail4 Monthly Per GB
(up to 10 GBs)
Per GB
(10-25 GBs)
Per GB
(25-50 GBs)
Per GB
(50-100 GBs)
Home Folder storage/NFS4 Monthly Per TB 150.00
Collaboration/Departmental storage5 Monthly Per TB 150.00
TSM Backup Services6
Monthly Per TB
(30-day interval)
Per TB
(90-day interval)
WEXAC7 Monthly Per lab 140.00
WEXAC storage (StorWEX) Monthly Per TB 68.00
StorWIS (for Big Data)8 Monthly Per TB 10.00
Archive storage (including backup)9 Monthly  Per TB 25.00
StorWIS backup10 Monthly Per TB 7.00
StorWEX backup11 Monthly Per TB 7.00
Box Monthly

Per User

Dropbox Monthly Per User 20.00
Data center hosting12 Monthly Per 1 U rack unit 100.00
CTERA Monthly Per-station user license 8.00
Per 50GBs of storage (available options include 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500 gigabytes of storage) 0.50
WISBackup Monthly Per TB 25.00
ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook)
Annual Per PI/lab 700.00
Zoom Monthly Per user 15.00
WIS Home Office

One-time, per-equipment fee basis (with all equipment and service costs summed up on reservation):

  • Main unit:
  • Expansion unit (wireless only):
  • Expansion unit (wired + wireless):
  • Additional fees may apply for ancillary services
    (WIS_Secure, ADSL, etc.).

Communication Port Suspension/Reactivation

Communication port suspension is free of charge.

Communication port reactivation is performed as per the following pricing:

  • Up to 90 days/after more than 3 years: at a cost equivalent to that of a new communication port
  • 90 days to 3 years: free of charge
  1. Prices include institute support.
  2. Type-1 communication ports: ports that have full access to the Weizmann Network and the Internet.
  3. Type-2 communication ports: ports that are managed within a LAB patch panel and have access to LAB Network only. Initial LAB switch is charged to user's budget.
  4. Charges include backup service (with 1GB storage free of charge) with an 18-month retention period.
  5. Charges include backup service with an 18-month retention period.
  6. Charges for this service are based on the amount of data transferred. For files that exist at the source, the 10 most recent copies are retained within an interval period of 30 or 90 days, as per the chosen
    (30- or 90-day interval) service option, respectively. For files deleted from the source, the last active copy of each file is retained for a period of 18 months.
  7. The service is charged on a monthly per-lab basis, regardless of the number of users in the registered lab.
  8. Service charges include coverage of fees for a daily snapshot with a maximum retention period of 4 days (tape backups not included).
  9. Files are transferred to archival within 7 days (all information is backed up during these days).
    For the duration of the 7 days, storage is charged on a relative basis, at a rate of 68 NIS per TB, per month. Files smaller than 5 MBs having been transferred to the archive are charged 68 NIS per TB, per month. Pointer files are also charged 68 NIS per TB, per month. It is recommended that you store the fewest possible files in the archive directory.
  10. Backup charges may vary due to the data compression (de-duplication) mechanisms employed. The general rule of thumb is that any repetitive data stored on StorWIS is not to be calculated more than once with regards to backup service charges.
  11. Service charges include coverage of fees for weekly tape backups with a 4-week retention period, and for a daily snapshot with a maximum retention
  12. Charging for the servers will begin immediately after the first 4 years have passed from the date, on which warranty began. Charging for this service first began on 01-05-2013.

Virtual Server Ordering Charges

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