Head: Mirit Katz-Shilo

The Applications Branch is responsible for the integrity of the specifications, application, development, implementation and training for the systems of the Weizmann Institute.

The goal of the branch is to answer the need of Weizmann personnel for computerized applications (particularly administrative), and to streamline work flow by reducing time, automating procedures, and providing tools that will enhance the quality of the work and strive toward the goal of a paperless campus.

The branch counts some 30 staff members: project managers, developers, system managers/application experts (partly outsourced) and section leaders.

The branch has seven sections:

ERP Section

Head: David Elbaz

The Matrix Tafnit system serves as an organizational ERP and contains the following modules: finance, logistics, researcher and staff management in research projects, foreign travel, and construction and maintenance.

The section provides specifications, development, implementation, and training and support for processes that are developed and implemented into the system.

HR Systems Section

Head: David Elbaz

We have used Oracle Applications to implement their HR module, which provides a solution for managing all the human resources information in the Institute:

  • Division of Human Resources - employee data
  • Academic Secretary - scientist personnel data
  • Security section - permissions to enter the various buildings
  • Safety section - safety courses training sessions
  • Feinberg Graduate School - student data
  • Interface with Hilan for salary needs
  • Interfacing with additional systems which need human resource information, such as Tafnit, BI, the online Directory, etc.

Internet and Mobile Section

Head: Ronen Hayun

The section provides the following services:

  • Developing websites for faculties, divisions, departments, research groups, scientists and other units in the Institute, the Weizmann Institute's website, conferences sites, and others. Websites are developed using Drupal, the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the market.
  • Developing web-based applications for improving and enchancing the work flow in the Institute. (Some of these applications involve information retrieval from databases.)
  • Establishing and maintaining Weizmann Institute servers

Applications Development Section

Head: Arik Lalo

The section provides the following services:

  • Developing and maintaining tailor-made applications with Oracle Apex
  • The Internal Services system
  • FGS support - Back office, Student/Lecturer portal, Candidate system

BI Section

Head: Liat Koren

  • BI is a Business Intelligence system that allows multi-dimensional analysis of data from the Institute
  • Thanks to its graphic display capabilities, it's possible to follow both existing phenomena and new trends
  • BI can combine data from multiple databases / different systems at the Institute
  • The BI tool used at the Institute is QlikView, one of the most advanced on the market


Application Technologies Section

Head: Tamir Molad

The section provides services for infrastructure systems, not users, primarily for branch staff  and include:

  • Managing technological, infrastructure and system architecture adjustments for different applications
  • Providing DBA services for the Weizmann Institute’s systems
  • Technology delivery
  • Branch application infrastructure management.

Projects and operation of IT systems

Head: Sharon Tabeka

Services in the section include:

  • Application and implementation of cross Institute projects and systems.

  • Cross-systems project management.

  • Market survey to find a shelf product / system that best suits the specific needs of the customer

  • Work with suppliers to help in communication, specification, installation, application, implementation and support for systems acquired for different uses at the Weizmann Institute.

  • Ongoing application and implementation after a system goes live

  • If there is no shelf product that meets the customer's requirements, we will manage the design specification process through development of a custom made system within the Applications Branch

  • Preparation of teaching aids for WIS systems and software