Head: Keren Katzav

The Design, Photography and Printing Branch provides comprehensive professional visual services. The team specializes in providing solutions for visual communication in a variety of fields using various platforms.

Design Section

Our experienced in-house designers provide high quality design services and visual solutions for the benefit of research with their exceptional attention to detail and high standards.

The designers work hand in hand with the scientists to create a visual representation of the scientific message they are looking to convey.

  • Scientific sketches
  • Website design
  • Visual materials for Grants
  • Cover Proposals
  • Marketing for scientific conferences
  • Presentations and more

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Photography Section

Our Photographers implement their technical knowledge, unique vision and personal touch in every type of photo shoot on campus.

  • Portraits
  • Scientific objects
  • Scenery
  • Events
  • Atmosphere
  • Documentation

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Printing Section

Provides high quality printing services.

  • Booklets
  • Roll-ups and posters
  • Scientific posters (fabric or paper up to 1 meter wide)
  • Duplication
  • Binding
  • Business cards

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