We are pleased to announce the new WEXAC Private Cloud service.

Private Cloud allows you to instantaneously lease CPU and GPU computing resources for time-limited periods.

Contrary to previous cluster procurements, which could sometimes require months to perform, you may now easily and quickly request anything from a specific number of CPU cores with standard memory allocation, through entire CPU-intensive servers, to GPU accelerators.

You may register for WEXAC Private Cloud resources via your department's administration, using the Internal Services portal.


Note that the minimum rental period is a single day, at the affordable rates listed in the table below.


Item Description Price per day
per slot (in NIS)
CPU batch Single (2 GHz) CPU core,
4 GBs of RAM
GPU batch Single A40 GPU, 12 cores,
70 GBs of RAM
Interactive CPU 52 cores,
256 GBs of RAM
Interactive GPU 10 GPUs, 128 cores,
768 GBs of RAM


For further details, feel free to e-mail hpc@weizmann.ac.il.