This page provides guidelines on how to use the DCS toolbox on the WEXAC cluster MATLAB.

Instructions for Use 

Importing a Generic Scheduler Profile

To import a generic scheduler profile:

  1. Login to a WEXAC access server, then run the command module load matlab.
  2. On first use, create a data storage directory by running the command mkdir ~/MdcsData, then run the matlab command.

  3. Once the MATLAB software interface loads, access the Home tab, click the Parallel toolbar button and click Manage Cluster Profiles on the menu that appears.

  1. Click the Import toolbar button in the Cluster Profile Manager, browse to select the profile stored in /apps/RH7U2/general/matlab/SupportPackages/R2017a/GenericProfile_Weizmann.settings, and click Open.

  1. Click the Set as Default toolbar button to set the imported settings file as the default profile.

  1. Click the Edit button and use the Folder where job data is stored on the client/JobStorageLocation field to specify, browse to or create the job storage folder.

  1. Use the Additional properties for integration scripts/AdditionalProperties field to add such additional properties as AdditionalSubmitArgs (arguments to the bsub command). Be sure to include a space as the very first character in the added property's Value column (as in the sample AdditionalSubmitArgs value
    " -R ‘rusage[mem=1024]’  -q new-all.q -m new_hosts". Click the Done button when you have completed your edits of the various fields.

  1. Verify that your cluster profile resembles the following sample profile:

Description:                                        Shared profile

JobStorageLocation:                          ~/Mdcsdata

NumWorkers:                                     32

NumThreads:                                     1

ClusterMatlabRoot                             <matlabroot> (default)

RequireMathworksHostedLicensing  false

License number:                                none

Cluster nodes operating system        unix

HasSharedFileSystem                       true




                                       AdditionalSubmitArgs      “ -R ‘rusage[mem=1024]’  -q new-all.q -m new_hosts “

AutoAttachFiles                                   true



Numbers Range:                                 [1 inf]

CaptureDiary                                       false

  1. Once you've created the profile, set it as the default profile.

  2. Run your script via the bsub matlab < parallel.m command. The parallel.m script will run and fork a separate job using Numworkers, assuming parallel is written using parallel functions (beyond the scope of these guidelines).


Note: paths specified in the "Readme" document take precedence over those featured in the generic scheduler documentation.

For further information on the generic scheduler interface, visit the MathWorks Web site.

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