The AWS WIS Platform

The HPC (High Performance Computing) section’s objective is to speed up your scientific work and make it more efficient. This includes making AWS (Amazon Web Services) resources easy for you to utilize for HPC workloads.

To that end, we have established a Weizmann Institute AWS service platform facilitating easy onboarding of scientists to the WIS network-integrated AWS resources.

Service benefits include:

  • Easy registration through Internal Services
  • Billing via internal WIS systems
  • The ability to specify a monthly budget, to control AWS resources assigned to your account
  • DevOps services deployment of your scientific solutions on the cloud

Introducing AWS

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering more than 175 fully featured services. The platform makes it possible to leverage the latest technologies, so as to accelerate experimentation and innovation.


AWS provides the most elastic and scalable cloud infrastructure for execution of your HPC applications. With virtually unlimited capacity, researchers and HPC system owners can innovate without being burdened by the limitations of on-premises HPC infrastructure.

The platform delivers an integrated suite of services providing everything required to quickly and easily build and manage HPC clusters on the cloud, so as to run the most computing intensive workloads across a range of industry verticals.

These workloads span traditional HPC applications, such as genomics, computational chemistry and weather prediction, as well as such emerging applications as machine learning, deep learning and autonomous driving.
Flexible configuration and practically unlimited scalability allow you to grow or scale back your infrastructure as per workload requirements, rather than the other way around.

Additionally, WEXAC integration allows you to easily migrate data back and forth between WEXAC and AWS infrastructures.

Instructions for Use 

Use Cases

The following two main use cases are currently supported:

  • AWS for HPC, with HPC cloud solutions extending local WEXAC functionality. On registration, you will be given access to a WEXAC-connected AWS platform, and we will help you to deploy your specific use case on the cloud.
  • AWS for public access (EC2/S3/RDS services). For public solutions, your AWS account will be isolated from the WIS network, and will serve as a regular, standalone AWS account, with additional features, such as budget control, and Internal Services billing and registration. This service will be made available during the 2020/2021 academic year.


To acquire an AWS account, register to the AWS HPC service and provide your PI name, PI budget and monthly budget.

For further information on using the AWS service platform, please refer to the HPC as a service on AWS user guide.