The SecurID card is a device that generates and displays a random 6-digit code that changes at a specified time interval, typically every 60 seconds. This code is used in tandem with users’ PIN (Personal Identification Number) for authentication when accessing any of the various Weizmann Institute systems requiring user validation. This prevents unauthorized access via simple password theft.

Systems that require SecurID authentication include the Weizmann Institute firewall, remote access and a number of sensitive computer systems. Other administrative services may also require SecurID authentication in future.

To gain access to a secure service, you must enter a valid SecurID passcode, which comprises the following two numbers:

  • Your 4-digit PIN
  • The 6-digit number currently displayed on your SecurID card

You must define your PIN the first time you use your new SecurID card, if one wasn’t defined for you when you picked up the card at the Computing Center.

Obtaining your SecurID Card

To obtain a SecurID card, your department administrator must register you via Internal Services, for both remote access and SecurID services. All users registered to these services are entitled to receive a single SecurID card free of charge. Replacement cards can be purchased at additional cost (see computing charges for current pricing).

As this authentication method produces an audit trail that cannot be erased, you may be held accountable for recorded unauthorized activities performed with your SecurID card. Avoid any such unauthorized use of your identity and access privileges by protecting the secrecy of your PIN (do not share it with anyone) and keeping the SecurID card in your possession at all times.

Should you happen to forget your PIN, visit the Computing Center to have a new one issued.