The Weizmann Institute serves as an Internet service provider (much like Netvision, Bezeq International and others). Employees who happen to be Bezeq ADSL or HOT cable Internet customers with a modem or router, and are interested in utilizing the Institute as an Internet service provider, must sign up for the service, obtain a SecurID card and connect as per the instructions provided on the ADSL and cable Web pages.

Contrary to the services provided by commercial Internet service providers, the Internet services delivered by the Weizmann Institute are limited as per the privileges granted to all computers on the Institute grounds. Consequently, such applications as emule, HOT and YES VOD and other services will not be available at employee residences, as per Institute criteria.


To register for the service, contact your departmental administration. Following registration, pick up your SecurID card from the IT Infrastructure branch administration (at the Dr. Karl and Leila Ribstein building).