The Remote Access service enables you to log into the Weizmann Institute network and access its internal resources from afar. Access is granted via VPN (Virtual Private Network) which require SecurID card-based authentication.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The VPN technology we employ effectively extends the Weizmann Institute network across the Internet. It allows users on computers outside the Institute to access data and services as if they were on the Institute grounds. VPN-based remote access requires installation of dedicated VPN software. To install the software on your computer, contact the HelpDesk.

Instructions for Use 

Utilization of internal network resources and any service requiring authentication when outside the Institute requires that you identify yourself via SecurID. Only then will you be able to specify the machine you are attempting to access and the service you wish to utilize.

For example, to assume control of your personal computer via Remote Desktop Connection while traveling abroad, you will need to authenticate yourself with your SecurID card, then specify both destination computer (by name or IP address) and Rdc as the requested service type.