Eduroam (Educational Roaming) is wireless infrastructure intended for use by the international research and education community, and available to each and every Weizmann Institute researcher, whether faculty member or student.

Eduroam allows users to gain wireless network access at any participating institution, making connection to the Internet easy for scientists and students traveling the world. Weizmann researchers may connect to Eduroam simply using their standard credentials (user ID and password), just as they do when logging in within the Institute.

To use the service, one-time setting is required, following which connection is established automatically wherever the service is available.

Eduroam service has been set up throughout all Weizmann Institute wireless network sites.


Further general information on the service and on its distribution throughout higher education institutions is available at

To self-configure Eduroam on your computer and/or on your mobile device, use your browser to access
Please note! The initial configuration of the Eduroam service and verification of successful connection on your devices must be performed while you're on Weizmann Institute campus.

For guidance on setting up the service, refer to the following user guides: