The WEXAC (Weizmann EXAscale Cluster) policy objective is defined by member type, CPU, storage, backup prices and charge and refund policy.

  1. Document Overview - Intent of Policy
    High performance computer clusters have emerged as an extremely cost-effective tool for addressing large problems in scientific disciplines. A computer cluster is made up of many individual computers (“nodes”), functioning together to address a specific problem.

1.1.  Document Objectives

  • Define the WEXAC policy
  • Explain the policy goal and its objectives

1.2  Responsibilities

Name Role Details
Ofer Aaronson Head, IT Infrastructure Branch Policy approval
Vadim Malkin Linux/HPC Team Leader Policy definition
  1. Policy Goals

Defining rules and conditions for efficient operation and sustainability model of next generation central Weizmann cluster, based on different cluster user’s types, storage and backup charges and refunds.

  1. Policy Objectives
    • Defining different WEXAC user types
    • Setting WEXAC storage and backup charges
    • Defining a WEXAC refund model
    • Defining a WEXAC resources utilization policy
  2. WEXAC Storage and Backup Charges
    Storage charges are based on allocated space; backup charges are calculated according to actual volume of backup data. See Tape Backup Services in the Computing Charges list..
  3. WEXAC Resource Utilization Policy
    The purpose of the WEXAC resource utilization policy is to allow equal opportunity for different user types to use shared and dedicated resources. This is achieved by suspending jobs to permit other jobs to run using a fairshare policy. Our goal is provide all sectors of the WIS HPC community equal access to WEXAC resources like CPU, storage and cluster software. We plan to update the WEXAC policy and thresholds periodically.
  4. WEXAC Database Usage Policy

​The general mysql server from wexac cluster is scidb01 running mysql-5.5.23;

It is configured to work with both MyISAM and InnoDB formats and optimal
This new version gets a lot of privileges as global privileges (on all mysql system);
We are in process to implement backup / restore for mysql databases and we need
(before dropping a database)  to run a last backup , in case that sometime will be needed again.
In order to supervise the best function of all mysql applications on cluster we
a- Create / drop databases will be done by system administrators ;
b- Privileges on those databases will be also granted by system administrators;
c- Users will send e-mail specifying name of the new data base ; user  / password and privileges  and access nodes to the new created database;

Target Users 

High Performance Computing - WEXAC users