The IT Branch supports the view that servers and storage should be housed and managed centrally so that they receive the best continuity of service and management to ensure optimum resilience for Weizmann scientific community.

For information about Windows machines contact Eyal Kirkirus or Uri Shimon; for Linux machines contact Lior Michael.

The IT Branch provides two hosting types for lab or departmental servers: managed and non-managed hosting.

Managed - Physical server Managed Hosting provides

  • Physical Installation
  • OS Installation, analysis & diagnostics
  • Application installation consulting
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Disk Space Monitoring
  • System Alive Monitoring
  • Application Alive Monitoring (needs API)
  • Server Workload Load Monitoring
  • Security updates
  • Backup Service (additional costs)
  • Network & IP configuration
  • Redundant Power Input with UPS
  • Managed support through normal business hours
  • Finger service daily 19:00 – 24:00 and Fridays 07:00 – 14:00

Non-Managed - Physical server Non-Managed Hosting provides

  • Physical Installation
  • Backup Service (additional costs), register through Internal Services
  • Network & IP configuration
  • Redundant Power Input  with UPS
  • Finger service daily 07:00 – 24:00 and Fridays 07:00 – 14:00
  • Progressive charging of 100 NIS per 1U per month, starting when the server becomes 3 years old. The charge will increase every year.

The data center is a secure place to host your server. The IT Branch protects Weizmann’s most important information in our secure, environmentally controlled, data center. Located at Weizmann IT, our data center stores Weizmann’s core computer systems, along with the server racks of individual scientific labs that rely on us to house their equipment.

  • The data center is equipped with 7 video surveillance cameras to view all movement in the room.
  • Automated software closely monitors temperature and humidity as well as detecting possible water leaks flowing under the raised floor.
  • There is a temporary power generator unit for backups, in case of a power outage, in addition to Uninterruped Power Supply (UPS) units which deliver  emergency power to the servers when the input power source fails.
  • Advanced early fire detection equipment is also installed in the data center.
  • Only authorized personnel may access the facility.

These features make the location ideal for hosting IT equipment.


The data center provides several dozen racks, equipped with networking, optics, and power cabling. Cooling is an integrated part of the data center environment control. Each rack is equipped with two Power Inputs:  UPS and the Electrical Grid.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities
Hosting server activities Client IT Infrastructure
 1. Equipment specification and space approval Task owner Task team
 2. Getting space approved and assigned in advance of ordering new hardware Task owner Task team
 3. Coordinating equipment arrivals with Network section staff Task owner Task team
 4. Approving and accepting delivery Task team Task owner
 5. Installing equipment and performing cable connections Task team Task owner
 6. Physically connecting to power, networking, or storage Task team Task owner
 7. Informing IT Branch on future hardware installations Task owner Task team
 8. Monitoring server status. (client managed equipment) Task team Task owner (managed
hosting only)
 9. Notifying IT Branch on remote access needs Task owner Task team
 10. Update Inventory database of new equipment   Task owner
 11. Weizmann property tag sticker placement on sticker Task team Task owner
 12. Equipment labeling Task team Task owner
 13. Creating an Acceptance Test Procedure to declare Ready For Use Task owner Task team

It is the clients’ responsibility

  • to verify that the server is equipped with at least two power inputs, to assure our enabling power redundancy (A/B topology)
  • to choose one of the support options listed above – Managed or Non-Managed. This decision can be entered at the Server Provisioning portal at: Internal Services.


It is important that clients fully understand that racks provided by the IT Branch Facilities are shared service racks, used by multiple clients who also provide their own system administration (excluding hardware installation and cabling). As a result, the following risks and restrictions should be taken into consideration:

  • These racks are not locked.
  • These racks host servers on multiple networks.
  • Clients are not allowed to do anything which could result in a problem to other clients sharing the same space, including (but not limited to) unplugging equipment, relocating it, or removing it from the rack.


Follow the instructions provided in Internal Services.
For details link to Hardware - Servers.


For detailed pricing please refer to Computing Charges.