In order for Windows users to connect to Tafnit remotely, they need to use Citrix Workspace, a system that enables users to use remote windows apps. The user will be able to connect and work on Tafnit (via Citrix Workspace), and transfer files (via a shared folder).

In order to setup Tafnit via Citrix Workspace, download the installer from this link.



Installation Instructions 

Setup Citrix Workspace, and connect to Tafnit:

  1. Install “Citrix Workspace” from the downloaded file.
  2. Restart the computer if requested.
  3. Open Citrix Workspace from the icon in the menu tray.
  4. When prompted to add account, enter this server address:, and click Add.
  5. Enter the user’s credentials, and log-in.
  6. Click “remember my password” to save the password.
  7. In the Citrix Workspace window, click the plus (+) sign, and add the Tafnit icon.
  8. You can also add other apps, for example “Terminal Documents” or “Printers”
  9. Click the Tafnit icon in order to open Tafnit.
  10. The first time sometimes takes a while, while the account is created on the Citrix server.
  11. You can now work in Tafnit as usual.



Transfer Files to and from Tafnit:

  1. Open "Start->Run"
  2. enter this link, replacing USERNAME with your Weizmann username: \\ibwcfsv01\citrix$\xenapp\folder_redirection\USERNAME\documents
  3. Enter the Weizmann Username and password. You can also check the “Remember this password…” option to save the password for future log-ins.
  4. You will see the Citrix documents on the Desktop.
  5. You can get files saved via Tafnit to this folder, or copy files from the user’s Mac, in order to upload to Tafnit.