Volume Purchase agreement by IUCC
(Inter-University Computing Centers) for Endnote Products

The IT Infrastructure Branch is pleased to announce a new joint agreement with IUCC in which we have established a volume purchasing group for Endnote products, together with all IUCC member universities.

As part of the new agreement, licensing structure for Endnote software will change from perpetual license, as was the case in the past, to subscription model. Based on the new subscription model, we are now entitled to use the software for the agreement term of three years,during which period we are to be granted free upgrades of the software.

The principles of the Endnote agreement:

  • Subscription license model vs. perpetual license (purchase), subscription for three years with free software upgrade rights included for PC and Macintosh platforms.
  • Updates tol be available electronically via Web/Internet download.
  • We may increase our subscription seats in increments of 50 bundles. The IT Infrastructure Branch will manage such increases in licenses as needed, together with IUCC.
  • The subscription increase price will remain the same, pro-rated to the term date, calculated annually.

How to order:

Contact Rella Schwadron (ext. 3817), secretary of Weizmann IT, for further information.