Welcome to Dropbox, a file storage workspace that enables you to collaborate and share information. This cloud-based file sharing and storage service can be accessed via the Dropbox Website on any device, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Dropbox makes it easy to upload content, organize files, share file links, and manage file and folder permissions. The service lets you collaborate with colleagues both within and outside the Institute anywhere, at any time and from any device. Dropbox accounts provide unlimited storage.

Why Dropbox?

Dropbox enables you to:

  • Collaborate and share content anywhere from a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Share content within team folders, create secure shared workspaces, manage permissions, add comments, send file requests to students and collaborators, brainstorm on ideas with Dropbox Paper and more
  • Never worry about lost content, with version history, trash recovery, full text search, and industry-leading HIPAA/HITECH, FERPA and more regulation and encryption standards
  • Synergize – more than 4,000 educational institutions around the world are already Dropbox customers, making it very easy for you to call your colleagues worldwide, and collaborate via a Dropbox workspace

Weizmann Institute Dropbox Service Features

The Weizmann Institute’s implementation of the Dropbox service offers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited per-user storage space. You may upload files up to 50 GBs in size.
  • Easy content upload, document organization, file link sharing, and file and folder permission management
  • Seamless collaboration on documents with colleagues both within and outside the Institute, anywhere, at any time and from any device
  • Complete file privacy (files are never shared, unless you choose to share them)
  • File version history and recovery maintenance of up to 180 days.
  • Free official Dropbox plug-ins and apps that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office
  • WIS global user ID and password login. Log in just as you do with many other WIS applications and services

Target Users 

Students, faculty and staff members with an active primary WIS user ID and a valid WIS e-mail address are eligible to use the Dropbox service. Additionally, any WIS user can share files with others outside the Institute.

Upon termination of a user account, the user’s data is not automatically deleted. PIs can gain access to this data via the IT ServiceDesk.

Installation Instructions 

Dropbox provides installers for Windows Vista/7/8/10, and MacOS 10.6.8 and up, as well as
installers for various Linux versions.

To install the application on smartphones and tablets running iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android, visit your device’s native app store (Apple App Store or Google Play).

Instructions for Use 

To use Dropbox, you must first register for the service via Internal Services. For further information, please access the Registration tab on this page.

To access your Dropbox account, log into the service via the Dropbox Web site.

The service is available to you anywhere and at any time, and may be accessed via a range of Dropbox plug-ins and apps.

The Dropbox Web Interface serves as your file permission management and workspace collaboration tool, with the Dropbox desktop application handling online file synchronization on your desktop computer.

Web Login

To log into the service on the Web:

  1. Access the Dropbox Web site in your browser and click Sign In.
  2. Enter your Weizmann e-mail address. This will automatically present you with a Single sign-on enabled indication, and no password will be required.
  3. Click Continue and you will be redirected to a Weizmann authentication screen.
  4. Enter your Weizmann user ID and password to access the Dropbox Web interface.

Dropbox Desktop Application Login

To log into Dropbox via the desktop application for the first time:

  1. Enter your Weizmann e-mail address, and make sure Single sign-on enabled appears on screen below the e-mail.
  2. Click Get your link code.
  3. The application will redirect you to a Weizmann login page. Enter your Weizmann user ID and password, then click the Login button.
  4. A browser page will load, displaying a 15-symbol code. Click the Copy link code button.
  5. Switch back to the Dropbox application window and click the Paste button, then click Submit.
  6. You may wish to click the Advanced settings button at the bottom, to change the default Dropbox synchronization location, and use selective sync.
  7. Click Open my Dropbox folder when done.

Collaboration and Content Sharing

For information on how to collaborate and share content with colleagues, access the Dropbox guide on file and folder sharing.

Answers to Common Dropbox-related Questions

How Much Does Dropbox Cost?

Please refer to Computing Charges.

I Already Have a Personal Dropbox Account. What Should I Do?

If your existing personal Dropbox account is registered with a weizmann.ac.il e-mail address, we recommend that it be changed and associated with a personal (Gmail, Yahoo or other) e-mail address instead. We will thereafter create a new Weizmann Institute Dropbox account linked to your weizmann.ac.il e-mail address.

Should your existing personal Dropbox account be registered with an external address (e.g. @gmail or @mit.edu), we will create and associate a new Weizmann Institute Dropbox account with your weizmann.ac.il e-mail address for you. Your personal Dropbox account and its content will remain fully intact.

In any case, please contact the IT ServiceDesk at extension 4444 for further instructions.

Where to Get Help?

Support is available directly at the Dropbox Web site. Feel free to either submit a support request with Dropbox or visit the Dropbox support portal.

For further information, see the Dropbox User Guide.

You may also open a support ticket via the IT ServiceDesk, or contact the ServiceDesk at extension 4444.