The Telephony Services Section provides and maintains all telephony and mobile communication for the Institute.

The core of the section’s activity is the central switchboard, managed by three operators, which supports over 3,000 extensions throughout the campus.

The section is responsible for the smooth functioning, maintenance and relocation of these landlines in the Institute, as well as the connection of new extensions as the need arises. To contact the operators, dial 88 locally or 08-934-2111/3111 from outside the Institute.

The section works closely with Bezeq and is also responsible for implementing the infrastructure necessary for remote (off-campus) connections to the Institute's network, such as ADSL lines for scientific personnel. This also includes international connections in conjunction with the various Israeli local and international service providers. International telephone services are provided either directly or via an international calling card. Scientists can either use their Institute-provided mobile phone or obtain a dedicated mobile phone and/or a calling card when they go abroad.

The unit works tirelessly to provide and maintain the most efficient service possible in all areas of phone communication within the Institute.