The Weizmann Institute maintains Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) capabilities. These include new IP and Soft(ware) phones, video and audio conferencing, instant messaging (chat), desktop sharing and presence information.

IP Phones

The following IP phones are deployed throughout the institute:

IP Phone Licenses

We maintain the following IP phone licenses:

  • CUWL Standard - license for executive and employee IP phones; includes handset licensing, voice mailbox, soft phone, tablet application, etc.
  • Enhanced - license for conference room telephones (includes handset licensing only)
  • Essential - license for public space IP telephones (IP-3905)
  • WebEx - license for collaboration tools, including audio/video conferencing (WebEx is offered as a new service at the Institute, with WebEx licenses provided to service registrants)

IP phones require no additional network sockets. The phones connect to existing network sockets, with computers then connected to them via standard network cables.

Self Administration and Customization

IP phone users (and even Institute employees without IP phones) can administer and customize a range of telephony features (such as call forwarding and mobility) on the Myiptel Web portal. To use the portal, access http://myiptel via your browser.

Instructions for Use 

You may initiate calls as follows:

  • Internal call: dial the last four digits of the desired phone number
  • Local call: dial the area code and the number (including the 08 prefix)
  • International call: dial 00, the country code and the phone number