To receive a mobile phone or cellular modem/router from the Institute:

  1. Verify your eligibility in the table below.
  2. Gain approval from the following authorities:
  • Scientific sector: dean or department head
  • Administrative sector: division head
  1. Review the policies and fill out the forms in the links below, and submit them to the Telephony section (ensure that the forms are signed by the relevant division head):
Mobile Policy
Type of Device Budget Subsidy Speakerphone
Division Head As published
from time to time
Unit Unlimited

As published
from time to time

Scientist 1 KK"M 2 42 NIS
Professor Emeritus KK"M / other 3 42 NIS
Staff Scientist KK"M 2 42 NIS
Head of
Branch, Administrator
Unit 42 NIS
Other Unit 17 4/ 42 NIS


  1. Includes Prof. on extension service and scientists who are in an academic management position (Dean, Head of a scientific department, director of a center, etc.).
  2. Scientific personnel and staff scientists can choose to purchase:
    • ​A device without a package from their KK"M (every 30 months).
    • A device and package from either their KK"M or as a direct debit from their salary.  If payment is made directly from the salary, there is no tax deduction.
  3. Purchases can be made either from the Dean's allowance for Emeritus or any other department budget that can be used for purchasing mobile devices (once every 30 months).
  4. Only basic VPN package.