package “All included”

  • Price: 42 NIS
  • Mobile device according to rating and position
  • Free minutes to all networks
  • 500 free minutes abroad (use only "00")
  • Free text messages (to mobile providers)
  • Data Network Package - 60 GB broadband
  • Voicemail
  • Fax2Mail
  • Repair service for the phone and basic attachments
  • Complete insurance coverage in case of loss / theft/ irreparable damage (replacement will be conditioned on the payment of a deductible and subject to the type of device).

Scientist Package

  • Scientists are entitled to the “All included” package automatically 
  • A premium mobile phone from the KK”M
    • Scientists can purchase a mobile phone from the KK”M once every 30 months 


VPN Package

  • Price: 17 NIS
  • Galaxy A model 
  • Calls to the Institute network only
  • Data Network Package - 1 GB broadband