Employees and scientists are entitled to discounted mobile phone plans and device upgrades, in cooperation with Pelephone.

Distribution will take place December, 2018.  Eligible employees will receive an email with details.

Important Information regarding the upgrade procedure

  • Package prices (including data packages) do not include VAT.
  • Private upgrades are final. Once you receive the device it can not be exchanged.
  • We recommend that you ask the pelephone representative to remove paid services
  • You must return the previous mobile phone provided by the Institute, If you no longer have the device notify the telephony section immediately.
  • We will do our best to supply the color you choose for the device however we can not guarantee it.
  • Please make sure that you have backed up all your data on your mobile (Pelephone will transfer only contact persons), user guides for Android and iPhone.
  • You can also refer to the iPhone support page


Employee Contribution

  • Payment for additional expenses not included in the Institute's subsidy will be charged directly to the employee's credit card.
  • Device upgrades that are not provided by the Institute will be charged directly to the employee's credit card.
  • Data services not included in the basic package (i.e. ringtones, downloads, etc.) will be charged directly to the employee's credit card.

Loss / Theft / Irreparable Damage Deductibles

  • Standard device :   800 NIS
  • Premium  device: 1,499 NIS

Devices  (prices include VAT)

Price Table

Price Table
Device OS   Cost
Extended Warranty
Samsung Galaxy A54s 128 GB Android   1,350 NIS Free
Samsung Galaxy S23 256 GB Android   2,797 NIS
Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 256 GB Android   3,203 NIS
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 256 GB Android   3,972 NIS
iPhone 15 128 GB iOS   3,850 NIS
iPhone 14 256 GB iOS   3,943 NIS
iPhone 14 Plus  256 GB iOS   4,388 NIS
iPhone 15 Pro 256 GB iOS   5,474 NIS
iPhone 15 Pro Max 256 GB iOS   5,892 NIS