ClassIT is a collection of teaching aids that includes training in business processes in the Institute's various systems, such as eTafnit, Internal Services, Visiting Scientists forms and others.

The collection is available in Hebrew and English.

Access to the relevant tutorial clip is possible from the collection, as well as from each system, via the individual screens in that system.  

ClassIT includes the following teaching aids:

  1.  - Viewing mode
    Learning by viewing a video that demonstrates how to execute that procedure in the system.
  2.  -  Trial mode
    Use an interactive simulation of the procedure, from beginning to end.
  3. The User Guide.

Target Users 

These teaching aids are intended for all Institute personnel whose position requires them to execute business processes- scientists, students, administrators and others.

ClassIT is pleasant and easy to use; everyone can benefit from from its products, and easily search for the specific process he or she needs.

In addition, ClassIT is a tool for helping new employees quickly learn Institute system processes, as well as providing a secure storage reservoir for Institute systems instruction. (Today, most system procedures are passed along orally, and not always in the full and correct manner that would describe the best and most efficient method for executing the procedure.)

Instructions for Use 

ClassIT can be accessed: