Nemala (a Hebrew acronym for Managing Client Surveys) is a survey/feedback tool used to collect all kinds of computerized data, such as surveys, questionnaires, tests, feedback, quantitative studies, etc.

Refer to a description of official Nemalah policy.

The system serves as an organizational dialog tool, based on a strategy of paying attention to workers' input, and offers the user easy tools for the exchange of ideas:

  • building a questionnaire
  • preparing a list of responders
  • distribution of mail that includes an invitation to participate in the survey and a link to the questionnaire
  • advanced ability to analyze the results


  • Dynamic creation of the questionnaire - easy to build and design, with support for all types of questions
  • Ability to design the questionnaire to suit the responder - even to adjust the questions and the data presented according to a specific response
  • Multi-lingual - each responder can receive an invitation and questionnaire in the language he/she chooses
  • Easy to design - pictures, colors, logos, etc.
  • Advanced managing of the feedback process - full control of the process, production of status reports of individual responders, automatic reminders for those who have not yet responded
  • Reports - ability to produce statistical reports in Excel and other formats