The Weizmann Institute’s digital signage is an advanced platform for delivery of announcements and other information on ongoing cultural and scientific activities within the Institute via digital media (posters and videos). The platform is designed to promote end-to-end collaboration among all Weizmann Institute communities, including scientific departments, scientific education, administration and management, employees, students, visiting scientists, and other guests and visitors.

The system comprises electronic board infrastructure (namely large television screens) deployed throughout the campus, and online interfaces for control, management and updating of all platform components and published content.

Weizmann digital signage operates in a distributed manner, to provide faculty and administrative departments full autonomy with regards to content publishing and e-board management.

Electronic boards are grouped as per departmental association and location, and can be updated by authorized department representatives.


The digital signage platform offers the following features and capabilities:

  • Publishing of Weizmann Institute activities, including:
    • Scientific and education events
    • Culture, campus and student happenings
    • Administration announcements and other institute activities
  • Full departmental content publication and management autonomy:
    • Electronic boards are grouped as per departmental association. Both mass broadcasting of content to all Weizmann Institute groups and departments, and single-channel e-board delivery of content to specific target audiences are supported.
  • High information security via system authentication, and content submission and management by authorized departmental representatives only.
  • Online interfaces for system control, and for content publishing and management.

Content Publishing

Supported display formats

Media screen
(landscape, 947 x 650 pixels)
Large screen
(landscape, 1782 x 820 pixels)
To be used for:
  • Videos and images of scientific visual material; to be published with captions comprising very brief scientific descriptions.
  • Announcements of Weizmann Institute cultural or procedural events.
  • Announcements of local seminars or scientific events.
  • Program posters listing conference/symposium schedules.
  • Announcements of public scientific events, such as popular lectures, conferences, colloquia, etc.
  • Announcements of Weizmann Institute ceremonial events.
  • Program/announcement posters listing conference/symposium schedules on e-boards situated nearby locations at which occasions are to take place.
Publication timing:

Up to three weeks prior to event.

Up to 10 days prior to event.

Supported content file types:

  • Video: .mp4, .avi, .wmv.
  • Images: .jpeg, .png.

Content Submission

Electronic boards are grouped as per departmental association and location, and can be updated by authorized department representatives only.

To publish content on local departmental e-board channels, contact your departmental content manager.
When publishing content on Weizmann Institute events, contact the Design (graphics) section (Keren Katzav at, or Fiana Parente at for announcement media (i.e. poster and video) ordering and e-board submission.

For screen and submission interface support, authorized content publishers may contact Alon Abramovich at

Information required for content publishing: content files, e-board channels (all groups or groups selected as per target audience), and start and end dates.

WeizmannNet poster preparation requirements:

  • File type: .jpeg.
  • Image size: 380 x 180 pixels.
  • Resolution: 72 dpi.