LabArchives is a flexible, multi-disciplinary digital lab notebook designed to help improve lab documentation and productivity, as well as support secure collaboration and compliance with funding agency requirements.

You’re welcome to sign up for the service – which has been extensively tested and licensed by many universities around the world, including Caltech, Columbia, Cornell, MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Ohio State, Tufts, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin and Sydney – in research and teaching labs.

Safely Organize and Manage all your Laboratory Data

Whether a Principal Investigator managing a research lab, an instructor reviewing student lab work or a Research Integrity Officer maintaining the health and security of your institution's research data – there’s an effective LabArchives data management solution for you.

Work, Store Data and Collaborate – All in One Place

With LabArchives, you may:

  • Instantly store attachments, files, photos and other data, with everything immediately backed up and secured.
  • Store any type of data – rich text, tables, images, sketches, and even image annotations.
  • Organize your files in an intuitive folder structure, keeping everything sorted just the way you like it.
  • Keep your data private or collaborate and share select content with others.
  • Assign, grade, monitor and communicate with your students, and gain timely awareness of student misconceptions or under-performance.

Weizmann Deployment and ELN (Electronic Notebook) Ownership

Weizmann’s ELN deployment places PIs at the very center as owners of all notebooks within their lab research activities. At this phase, only PIs will be provided with a Weizmann Edition LabArchives account, by which they may create and assign notebooks to lab students and/or members, who will be allowed to use the LabArchives Free User Edition.

Students and memebers using PI-assigned notebooks will enjoy all of the Weizmann Edition benefits available to the PIs themselves. While students and members may be granted administrative rights to a given notebook, to which they may add and contribute research notes and data, ownership of the notebook will always be the PI’s.

Target Users 

The LabArchives service is available to all PIs, students and faculty members.


For LabArchives service pricing, see the computing charges page.