The EventBoard system enables easy and efficient conference room management and booking.

The system features an intuitive and convenient iPad-based interface enabling easy, at-a-glance real-time orientation. It displays meetings currently in progress in each room, scheduled meeting end times, and room availability for ad-hoc meetings - all without requiring a computer, or room administrator involvement.

An Easy-to-use Customized Interface

EventBoard displays are custom tailored to Weizmann Institute specifications, with backgrounds aesthetically matched to each display device's geographic location.

Exchange/Outlook Calendar Integration

The system integrates seamlessly with each conference room's Exchange server calendar, enabling conference rooms to be booked directly from display devices (optional).

Fault Reporting

Faults and malfunctions in conference room equipment, such as projectors, air conditioners or video conferencing systems, may be reported via the system's fault reporting interface, which routes requests directly to room administrators, and thereby significantly accelerates fault handling.

Centralized Configuration Settings

Configuration changes do not require physical access to each and every display device. All modifications are applied via a single, centralized interface, with settings managed separately for each individual device, or uniformly for numerous devices.

Announcement Broadcasts

The system's broadcast feature enables system managers to publish messages on display devices. The most common use for this feature is to issue scheduled greetings to meeting participants, or broadcast emergency guidelines throughout specific buildings and domains.

System Availability

Regular working hours may be configured, to enable dimming or shutdown of EventBoard system display devices when not required. This consequently enhances energy efficiency, and contributes to a "green" working environment.


Much like airport flight status monitors, the EventBoard system’s FlightBoard displays real-time availability information for all conference rooms on individual floors, or in specific buildings and domains. FlightBoard displays may be deployed in central floor or building locations, to present room lists and orientation maps for meeting participant convenience.


Orientation Maps

The system’s intuitive graphical floor map interface helps Weizmann Institute personnel and guests find their way to the various conference rooms throughout campus buildings.


Features and Options

The TEEM EventBoard system supports the following functionality:

  • Exchange server Outlook calendar integration, for conference room schedule display.
  • Show/hide meeting topic.
  • Show/hide meeting participant details.
  • Conference room booking directly from display devices.
  • Definition of device availability hours (dimming/shutdown during evenings/weekends).
  • Conference room equipment fault reporting directly from display devices.
  • Broadcasting of scheduled messages to specific devices.
  • Central FlightBoard displaying availability of all conference rooms in specific domains.
  • Remote display device administration.


EventBoard Device Locations

EventBoard system display devices are available at the following locations:

  • Science instruction department, room 106
  • De-Picciotto A building, floor 1, room 112
  • De-Picciotto A building, floor 2, IT classroom 232
  • De-Picciotto A building, floor 4, large IT conference room 412