OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud file synchronization and sharing service implemented at the Weizmann Institute for the following uses:

  • Link-based file sharing.
  • File editing outside the Institute grounds, with instantaneous synchronization to the cloud.
  • Work via dedicated Android and iOS apps.

Installation Instructions 

To install and start up the Microsoft OneDrive desktop application on Windows, refer to the Microsoft OneDrive installation and startup guide.

To install and start up the Microsoft OneDrive desktop application on Macintosh computers, open the Weizmann Self Service App on your computer, search for OneDrive and click Install.

Instructions for Use 

To use OneDrive, access the Microsoft Office portal, enter your Weizmann user e-mail address and password, and click the OneDrive icon.

For further information, review the following guides:

New OneDrive policy

The Weizmann Institute's OneDrive policy previously allowed files to be shared with account holders, within the organization only.

We are pleased to inform you of a policy change, following which OneDrive will also allow sharing with external parties.

Important notes:

  • The OneDrive service should be used as an assistive tool for work purposes only.
  • You are required to exercise discretion and take reasonable and acceptable precautions when sharing files and data.
  • Sharing of commercial or business information is to be done with caution, and only by people authorized to do so on behalf of the Institute. Care must also be taken to comply with the Privacy Protection Act (content in Hebrew).
  • The OneDrive service is not to be used to share any clinical Information, as defined in Weizmann Institute procedures.


For more information, access our course on Microsoft OneDrive.