Faculty and Staff - Consultants

Engineers, Consultants and Special Contracts

Dr. Dotan Babai

Email: dotan.babai@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Doron Burshtain

Email: doron.burshtain@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Konstantin Gartsman

Email: konstantin.gartsman@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Israel Greenfeld

Email: israel.greenfeld@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Oleg Grigorev

Email: oleg.grigorev@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Ilia Kaminker

Email: ilia.kaminker@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Valery Kaplan

Email: valery.kaplan@weizmann.ac.il

Phone: +972 8 934 2136

Sergey Khodorov

Email: sergey.khodorov@weizmann.ac.il

Phone: +972 8 934 3517

Dr. Eugenia Klein

Email: eugenia.klein@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Nurit Manukovsky

Email: nuritma@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Ronit Popovitz-Biro

Dr. Yevgeny Rakita

Email: yevgeny.rakita@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Alexander Shick

Email: alexander.shick@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Alexander Vaskevich

Email: alexander.vaskevich@weizmann.ac.il

Phone: +972 8 934 2574

Dr. Ellen Wachtel

Email: ellen.wachtel@weizmann.ac.il

Phone: +972 8 934 2218

Dr. Isabelle Weissbuch

Email: isabelle.weissbuch@weizmann.ac.il

Phone: +972 8 934 2415

Dr. Lena Yadgarov

Email: lena.yadgarov@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Ana Yaron Albu

Email: ana.albu-yaron@weizmann.ac.il

Dr. Alla Zak

Email: alla.zak@weizmann.ac.il