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Faculty staff

Scientific Staff

  • Haim Rozenberg

    Haim Rozenberg

    +972-89344289Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 611Department of Structural Biology
  • Tali Scherf

    Tali Scherf

    +972-89343133Daniel Wolf BuildingDepartment of Chemical Research Support
  • Linda  J. W. Shimon

    Linda J. W. Shimon

    +972-89346563Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 163Department of Chemical Research Support
  • Eyal Shimoni

    Eyal Shimoni

    +972-89344945Isaac Wolfson Building, Room 108/2Department of Chemical Research Support
  • Xiaomeng Sui

    Xiaomeng Sui

    +972-89342388Perlman Chemical Sciences Building, Room 421Department of Materials and Interfaces
  • Alexander Vaskevich

    Alexander Vaskevich

    +972-89342574Perlman Chemical Sciences Building, Room 302Department of Materials and Interfaces
  • Ayelet Vilan

    Ayelet Vilan

    +972-89346338Perlman Chemical Sciences Building, Room 104Department of Chemical and Biological Physics
  • Haim Weissman

    Haim Weissman

    +972-89342628Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 404Department of Organic Chemistry
  • Sharon G. Wolf

    Sharon G. Wolf

    +972-89344421Isaac Wolfson Building, Room 112/2Department of Chemical Research Support
  • Ruth Yam

    Ruth Yam

    +972-89342543Sussman Family Building for Environmental Sciences, Room 107Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences