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The Bio Nano lab, being a very well-equipped lab for biological research, is set up to support interdisciplinary research at the Faculty of Chemistry.

An increasing number of laboratories are incorporating biological materials as a major part of their research. However, as the focus of these labs is more on the chemical and physical aspects, they lack the required biological knowhow. This is where we come in. Our major goal is to offer our users the means, knowledge and training needed to perform the biological side of their work.

The Bio Nano lab provides the means to perform experiments and produce pre-designed biological molecules using basic molecular biology and biochemical techniques. As an independently operating unit, the Bio Nano lab is equipped both as a departmental facility and as a basic biology lab.

Contact: Yoav Barak, Ph.D.
Beatrice Barton research fellow chair
Tel: 972-8-934-4972, 972-50-510-9735

Featured Instrumentation

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) instruments


Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC)