About Usx-ray-crystallography

About Us

The X-ray Crystallography Laboratory of the Weizmann Institute is both a service and user facility. It is well equipped for the single crystal diffraction experiments needed for small molecule and solid state chemistry research. We apply a variety of experimental methods to these investigations. 

Small Molecules 

We offer expertise with the following types of experiments:  

  • Air sensitive crystals 
  • Unusually small crystals 
  • Range of temperature data collection from 90-500K 
  • Disorder or twinning 
  • Absolute structure determinations, including all-light atom structures 
  • Crystal morphologies 
  • Database searches and analysis for similar structures or packing motifs 

A structure determination of molecular crystals will typically involve the following: 

  • Crystal Sample inspection under the polarizing microscope 
  • Determination of unit cell parameters, crystal system and space group 
  • Structure solution and refinement 
  • Creation of tables in CIF and other formats 
  • Publication-ready molecular and packing plots